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Whistles from Acme, DeCorcey, Fox 40 and Storm with FREE UK Shipping

Wizzball - Squeeze whistle

Wizzball - Hand Held Whistles

Wizzball - Hand Held Whistles

Devised by PE teachers to keep pupils free from contamination by saliva
A whistle that all can share - ideal for youngsters who can control / join in the games.
A soft plastic whistle that is squeezed by hand rather than blown
Particularly suitable for mixed ability classes.
Easily attached to a lanyard (not supplied).

As useful for safety situations in industry as anyone can use

Size 13cm x 4cm approx.

(11 or fewer items) 14.50 (12 or more items) 12.50


Squeeze whistle

Squeeze whistle

A squeeze whistle from Precision Training
Operated by hand - you squeeze
Hygenic so can be used by multiple users
The bulb generates enough air simply by squeezing
Ideal for schools and coaches

Price: 9.55