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Whistles from Acme, DeCorcey, Fox 40 and Storm with FREE UK Shipping

Steam train

Windmaster 263

Windmaster 263

Steam Train Effects including steam train whistle
Produce the sound of a steam train chuffing away from the station. There is an art to producing this sound with this whistle and produce it you we even give you these instructions -
To get steam train effects from this whistle "spit blow " in short sharp blows . Start slowly with brief pauses then gradually accelerate the number of blows per second mimicking the sound of a steam train gathering speed.

After a short while, Place a finger into one side of the whistle , just protruding into the bridge over the hole in the base. Insert your finger enough to cover half of the hole , but no more ,and give two hard blows. This will produce a sound similar to a steam train sounding its steam whistle .

As always, practice makes perfect.

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